About Our Açaí

Berry Divine is a health minded company that delivers the finest quality Açaí. All of our products are made with the healthiest ingredients, as well as an emphasis on exceptional service. Our passion is delivering healthy alternatives to our customers, whether it is for a quick snack, a delicious smoothie, or a complete meal alternative. Berry Divine’s offerings fit the mantra of our hometown of Sedona, focusing on the health of your mind and body. Açaí is a potent source of nutrients that we use in our core products. We expand upon that base with other powerful add-ins. It will renew you, revitalize you, re-energize you:

Our passion is to provide healthy meal alternatives to the rapidly growing sector of health conscious people by branding and presenting the Açaí Berry in a wide variety of combinations with fresh fruits and superfood add-ins.

Açaí is Our Base
This Is Our Foundation

Berry Divine was born to fill a need in our hometown of Sedona. Sedona is a health centric culture, from the locals to the tourists who come in droves for spas, relaxation, rejuvenating treatments, and, of course, our many options for fitness and yoga. Sedona also has several wonderful restaurants that have healthy food, but we recognized our little town lacked that quick, healthy option. Sedona is known for its wondrous and exotic natural landscape. Inasmuch, we want our offering to exemplify that beauty, and to accentuate its features.

Recognizing the need was one half; finding this solution that suited our environment and goals was the other. Discussions had centered around Açaí and a vacation in Hawaii led us to Açaí Bowls. The rich taste and exceptional quality would give us the solution we desired. Açaí is a potent superfood that is quickly being embraced in health conscious circles. Healthy, full of nutrients, and a great base for other delicious ingredients, we knew we had a product we needed to share with our world. We had to bring this incredible food to Sedona and share our new passion with our beloved hometown. Founded by Todd Shreve, and his daughter Jessica Ebarb, Berry Divine represents a union of two exotic worlds to deliver you one incredible product.

Nice to meet you...

Todd Shreve


Todd's career in food service started more 40 years ago. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1982, he worked in Boston and New Hampshire, where he won numerous awards as a chef. Todd moved to Arizona in 1993, where worked for over a decade for the SYSCO Corporation where he consulted with hundreds of restauranteurs and business owners. Today, Todd owns and manages a construction and real estate development company in Sedona. He enjoys boating on Lake Powell and spending time on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Jessica Ebarb

Creative Director

Jessica is a graphic designer by profession and brand strategist through nearly a decade of studying, researching, designing, and creating brands. With experience in a myriad of industries from energy drinks to construction, to the food industry, Jessica brings a wide range of business knowledge and brand talent to Berry Divine. She is passionate about her pups, yoga, traveling, and craft beers. A longtime resident of Sedona, she currently resides with her husband, Henry, in Phoenix, Arizona, though her heart is constantly pulled home.