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Giving you the the right Acai Bowl for your body

Soft Serve

Berry Divine’s Signature Soft Serve is made from 100% Premium organic acai, and all organic juices. Bowls are topped with fresh fruit, granola, honey, and other healthy ingredients.

Sedona Bowl

Topped With: granola, strawberry, banana and honey

Sedona is the essence our company, from the goals we have to the product we deliver, our hometown is the basis for who we are. Our Sedona Acai Bowl brings the exotic tastes of açaí in a stripped down bowl, from one strange and vibrant world to another.

Volcano Bowl

Topped With: granola, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, and coconut oil

Acai is a superfood filled with POWERFUL nutrients and antioxidants. The Volcano Bowl gives you a furious combination of Acai, fruits, seeds, and energy fueling guarana. Its explosive flavors will send you hurrying back to Berry Divine for more.



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Gluten Free

Gluten Free

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No Ice

No Ice

Cleanse Bowl

Topped With: granola, strawberry, pineapple, banana, lemon zest and coconut oil

This speaks for itself: it is created to cleanse your body of impurities and restore it to health. For the same reasons so many come to Sedona, this bowl helps purify the body. If you are seeking a bowl that will help revitalize your body, this is it.

Brazilian Bowl

Topped With: granola, mango, strawberry, kiwi and honey

Acai is found in the legendary Amazon Jungle in Brazil. The sensible approach was to name this exotic bowl, full of nutrients, and diverse flavors, after the epic locales from which it came. Experience the exultant bowl at your leisure.

Awaken Bowl

Topped With: granola, raspberry, golden raisin, almond, lemon zest and honey

In line with Sedona’s focus on spirituality and yoga centric culture, we bring you our most unique bowl. The Awaken Bowl delivers a healthy assortment of tantalizing flavors that will energize your body and elevate the soul.

Summit Bowl

Topped With: strawberries, shaved chocolate, cashews, granola, and honey

Being strong and high energy are a priority. Rebuilding and fortifying your body are this bowls goal. The Summit Bowl speaks to that commitment to a lifelong pursuit of fitness. Protein and energy oriented ingredients that are guaranteed to help you achieve your peak.

Vortex Bowl

Topped With: granola, blueberry, banana, chia and flax seed, toasted coconut and honey

Intrinsic to your health is the balance of the spirit. The Vortex in Sedona resonates with residents and visitors alike. Whether you are seeking harmony within your soul, or you have a desire to balance your body’s health, our Vortex will fill you with elation.

Maui Waui Bowl

Topped With: granola, pineapple, toasted coconut, cashew, cacao nibs, bee pollen and honey

Few place resemble the relaxed culture of Sedona. Maui, one of the epic Hawaiian Islands, is a standout. Our founder splits time between his home in Sedona and the beaches of Hawaii. A love for the islands influenced his desire to match the cultures in a complimentary bowl.

Red Rock Bowl

Topped With: granola, raspberry, banana, goji berry and raspberry puree

The iconic Red Rocks of Sedona exemplify the spirit of our product. A delivery of healthy and delicious food, accompanied with beautification and a feeling of youth, as you sit and enjoy the incredible scenery of Sedona. This bowl derives its passion from its surroundings.

Gluten Free Option

Any of our bowls can be made Gluten/Vegan Free, just ask to substitue for the Gluten Free Granola. We also offer an Organic Granola.


Vegan Option

We can make it VEGAN. Ask for no Honey or you can substitute for Agave Nectar. Our Gluten-Free Granola is sweetened with agave nectar, making it vegan as well. If you’re feeling the Maui Waui, ask for no Bee Pollen

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