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Get in my belly, superfood


Açaí is packed with a variety of nutrients, all of which make it a superfood. It contains essential phytonutrients lacking in people’s diets: powerful antioxidants, omega fats, essential amino acids, as well as containing protein.

All Acai Bowls & Smoothes


Guarana is natural sweetener and energizer. It works as a perfect additive to our Açaí in order to maintain the quality and consistency of our bowls.

Traditonal Volcano Bowl & Add-In
Rio Smoothie


Blueberry has a similar nutritional and phytochemical makeup to açaí, but not as potent. Still, its similarities make it a perfect companion to top off a delicious bowl.

Vortex, Maui Waui, & Volcano Bowl
Berriful and Avalanche Smoothie


Strawberries contain a number of vitamins and nutrients for keeping up your health, plus they add a great deal of flavor that coincides well with our Açaí and pleases the palette.

Sedona, Volcano, Cleanse, Brazilian, Awaken, Summit Vortex, & Red Rock Bowl + Berriful, Lucious, Greenie, Avalanche Smoothie

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is quickly becoming known for its healthful qualities. But really, it is here because we love chocolate and it needs to be on our Açaí bowls.

Summit Bowl & Pitaya Bowl
Ironman Smoothie

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is often used as a powerful supplement to increase immunity, vitality, youthfulness, and overall energy. An essential additive to our bowls.

Maui Wowie Bowl

Chia Seed

A great source of B vitamins and dietary minerals such as calcium and iron, our Açaí Bowls promise to be filled with this powerful nutritional food.

Vortex Bowl


Goji berries are a recent introduction into Western diets, but they are full of vitamins and nutrients. The Vitamin C is as prevalent in Goji, as in citrus fruits. They are a perfect topping to round out our Açaí Bowls.

Red Rock Bowl

Flax Seed

Flax seed is one of the most powerful additives in our bowls. They contain tons of great proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and micronutrients. A superfood to complement our Açaí superfood.

Vortex Bowl


The worlds most healthy food, or so they say. It’s rich in more nutrients than we have room to list here, but it is packed with iron, which is why spinach is a gym rat staple.

Cleanse Bowl Greenie & Rio Smoothie

Hemp Seed

Hemp is notable for its amino acids and dietary minerals, but mostly it is known for high levels of protein. A great add-in for our fitness fans!

Hemp Seed Granola


Kale is another powerful food. It contains a lot vitamins, such as Vitamin K, that other foods do not have. It also has sulforaphane, which is known to be a chemical with anti-cancer properties.

Cleanse Bowl Greenie & Rio Smoothie

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