Açaí Bowls

An Açaí Bowl is a semi-frozen base blended with Açaí purée, fruits and coconut water, cashew milk or juice, and topped with a combination of fresh fruits, granola, honey and other healthy superfood ingredients.

Your Açaí Bowl will be the next step to healthy living.


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main Açaí benefits


Açai contains 16 types of anti-oxidant compounds which help cleanse the body of harmful free radicals


Açaí has a strong protein profile similar to an egg; our Açaí Bowls help to build, repair, and protect muscle tissue

Omega Fats

Açai is loaded with healthy fats that help maintain a healthy cholesterol

Essential Amino Acids

Our Açaí contains nutrients required by the human body, which maintain metabolism & support the immune system

What is Açaí 

Açaí is a superfood berry that grows in the Amazon rainforest. It has been used for centuries to promote good health. Today, the Açaí berry is known for its nutritional value and is used in many healthy diets.

our Açaí promise

Our promise is to always provide the purest Açaí and freshest fruit. We ensure the smallest amount of waste possible when we make our bowls and use materials made of recyclables. Berry Divine is dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint and preserving our future.


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