Delicious is

(soft) served!

Awarded Best Acai Bowls in Phoenix

Berry Divine’s signature Soft Serve Acai is made from 100% premium organic acai, and all organic juices. Bowls are topped with fresh fruit, granola, honey, and other healthy Superfoods.

All our delicious bowls are topped with a tantalizing selection of nature’s premier Superfoods, all carefully selected to perfectly complement one another. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, natural sweeteners, and dietary minerals, our toppings comprise a ‘Who’s Who’ of the Healthiest fresh fruits, grains, and powerful Superfoods on the planet.

Berry Divine’s unique Soft Serve Acai is dairy free, gluten free, vegan, organic, and non-GMO. The Berry Divine Soft Serve Acai contains zero water, resulting in a delicious, authentic acai flavor palette.